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plane spotting Nepal

this is my life and times in Nepal, spotting planes while i go about doing my work.scoop for me is limited as i do my spotting when some thing fly above me (!!!!!)  or only when I’m at airports in Nepal.

domestic aviation is quite widespread in Nepal, with many fixed wing and rotary wing operators flying a wide range of air crafts and helicopters.

the Nepal Army has a aviation wing and is considered its Air Force as the country docent have a fully fledged Air Force. the Nepal Army Aviation elements have a Royal Flight but currently Nepal is going through some changes and the Monarchy may not survive the changes,hence the days of the Royal Flight is numbered.

Nepal operates its own air line, the Nepal Air Lines (formerly ‘Royal Nepal Airlines’ ) however, its almost a defunct service nowadays with few international flights and reducing number of domestic flights.

there is a very vibrant domestic private sector in Nepal and they operate both rotary and fixed wing aircrafts.apart from regular domestic carriers there are number of charter planes and helicopters that ferry climbers and tourists in-country.

the UN has its own aircraft in Nepal , including number of helicopters and a fixed wing aircraft that operates a regular scheduled service between 4 regional hubs and main airport in Kathmandu while the helicopters ferry cargo,passengers between regional hubs and number of other designated sites , mainly Maoist Army cantonment areas.



1. Vivek - August 5, 2008

Great information and good photos. I am planning to visit KTM in the month of November. How is the plane spotting scene at KTM? Are there any good places near the airport from where you can click photos of aircraft? Also, are the authorities OK with planespotters? Any information would be welcome.

2. David Maxwell - January 25, 2009

My team (Airutopia.com) makes aviation enthusiast videos and we are thinking of doing a Kathmandu airport video.

Are there good locations to film around the airport, or is this not recommended.

Can you help advise me on this.

If you are based in Nepal, we need to meet if possible if you are okay.

David Maxwell

3. wpicity - April 5, 2012

An interesting blog, very cool pictures. Regards from Warsaw;)

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